Lets Talk Brows!

Over the years, eyebrows have become one of the most important features of the face and more often than what should be considered socially acceptable we find ourselves drifting through our socials laughing at memes with missing eyebrows or drooling over some celeb inspo! Lucy Hale anyone?!

Image: @kelleybakerbrows

Throughout the decades we have moved through brow trends that range from barely there to heavily filled in to the now ever popular natural but full brow.

This natural, undone brow is super achievable and it is important to try to not deviate too far from your natural brow shape as this is what will frame and slim your face and can really lift your eye when enhanced correctly. Simply brush your brow hairs upward and using a fine angled brush with your BrowHouz Balm or our by using the edge of our Precision Pencil, lightly create hair strokes where you would like more density and a fuller shape.

Image: @kaiagerber

To achieve brows that would be considered #goals, you can book in for our BrowHouz Brows treatment! During this we will;

  1. Discuss your desired result in regards to shape, pigment and style

  2. Tint your brows to define

  3. With a spooly brush, we brush your brow hairs upward

  4. With small scissors, trim any hairs that are longer than the shape of your eyebrow

  5. Map your brows to find where your brow should start, arch and end

  6. With these angles in mind, your stylist will wax and tweeze the hairs above and below your brow to create and tidy the shape

  7. Once you are happy with the shape and colour, your stylist will fill in your brows using light feathery strokes to imitate natural hairs or softly shade for a more structured finish.

Image: Pinterest

BrowHouz services start from as little as £10. Visit the service menu for price details and to book your appointment!

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